Shinji Ohmaki’s ‘Waves’

Shinji Ohmaki’s ‘Waves’ at Art Stage BY: LIAU SHU JUAN Amidst the bewildering, confusing labyrinth at Art Stage Singapore 2013, and the many works of various complexities, a piece of art stands out purely for its simplicity and evocative gentle motions. Shinji Ohmaki’s ‘Waves’, a mixed media installation, is a breather and sanctuary amidst the … Continue reading

If The World Does Not Change

If The World Does Not Change BY: LIAU SHU JUAN Singapore Biennale’s theme of ‘If The World Changed’ opens up a myriad of possibilities and situations for artists to explore. Jainal Amambing’s ‘My Longhouse Story’ instead, is a reversal of the theme, ‘What If The World Did Not Changed?’ Amambing travels back in time to … Continue reading