For Artists

You have an ART WORK but you know little about it.

You need Discourse on a New Work.

Research for Your collection

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary art provides writing and research services for your art collection be it old, new or up and coming art works. We are specialists who are always on the edge and have the eye for visual analysis.

Who is it for?

Artists creating new works. We can help you with research, content and publication of your works.

Owners of traditional, modern or contemporary art works; be it paintings, photography, installations, video art, you name it, we have it all covered.


Why write-ups?

1. Write-ups and critical discourse provide VALUE for your art collection or art works. This includes financial value, social value and various cultural and intrinsic value.

2. It gives your art collection the edge over other unresearched works, especially in such a fickle art world.
3. It opens doors to potential buyers, curators and collectors all over the world.

4. Lastly, don’t you want to know more about that piece of artwork?

Don’t hesitate.

EMAIL Monday Museum at


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